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Learn How To Make Sauerkraut


18th April 2020

Sauerkraut is fermented cabbage

High in vitamin C

High in probiotic bacteria

Sauerkraut  in a jar

Macros & nutrition per portion




net carbs





Vitamin B1

1 %

Vitamin B2

1 %

Vitamin B3

1 %

Vitamin B5

1 %

Vitamin B6

10 %

Vitamin B12

0 %


2 %


6 %

Vitamin A

0 %

Vitamin C

19 %

Vitamin D

0 %

Vitamin E

0 %

Vitamin K



3 %


10 %


0 %


8 %


4 %


8 %


2 %


3 %


1 %


44 %


2 %

Grocery list

You just need two ingredients to make sauerkraut: cabbage and salt. The most important kitchen item you’ll need is a scale. With those and a knife, chopping board and some clean jars you’ll soon have delicious sauerkraut to enjoy.

Fresh cabbage (either green or purple)



If it’s your first time making sauerkraut you should first read our quick guide on things to keep in mind.


  • Knife & chopping board or mandolin or a food processor
  • Scale
  • Clean jars
  • Large bowl
  • Instructions

    Makes servings

    1 Remove the hard stem from the cabbage. Weigh the cabbage and convert the amount into grams.

    2 Figure out what 2% of the amount of cabbage is. This is the amount of salt you’ll need. Weigh out the salt using a scale or 1 tbsp = 17g

    3 Sterilize the jars by washing them with clean soapy water and placing them into a 110°C (230°F) oven for 10-15 minutes. Allow to cool.

    4 Slice the cabbage into thin slices using a knife, a mandolin or a food processor. Place into a large bowl.

    5 Add all of the salt.

    6 Toss around with clean hands for a minute so it’s well incorporated. Leave to sit for 15-30 minutes. You’ll find that just letting it rest will allow the salt to start drawing out the water from the cabbage making it easier to massage.

    7 Massage the sauerkraut with clean hands for about 5-10 minutes until the cabbage is well and truly soft and wilted. You will start to see lots of liquid forming at the bottom of your bowl.

    8 Place the wilted cabbage into clean sterilized jars making sure to press down the cabbage to compact it as much as possible.

    9 Add all of the leftover liquid into the jars, leaving at least 2cm (1inch) from the top. Weigh down the cabbage with a weight so it is fully submerged in brine.

    10 Cover loosely with a lid or a cheesecloth and place the jars on a plate or a tray. Leave in a dark place for 7-14 days checking it every couple of days to make sure the cabbage is submerged.

    11 The sauerkraut is ready after about 7 days although you can always eat it earlier. The longer you leave it, the more sour the taste. Place the jars in the fridge with a tightly secured lid. You might notice that the liquid disappears in the fridge, however this does not usually impact the sauerkraut.

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