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Peakcodex is a home for those wanting to build lasting habits

Through actionable plans and 1:1 support we aim to motivate, inspire and help you reach your goals

Our mission

We believe improving diet is one of the most impactful and enjoyable changes an individual can make. This is why we focus on working closely together with our clients to create a plan that is unique and tailored to them.

We have two main aims. Our first aim is to empower individuals to learn how to set realistic goals, priorities and problem solving through 1:1 coaching. We set monthly calls to build personal relationships with our clients and to learn more about them.

Our second aim is to provide the tools to allow our clients to effortlessly change their diet. We’ve worked hard to create actionable meal plans that are easy for anyone to follow. We’ve focussed in streamlining all aspects of meal planning and cooking to make everything as achievable as possible.

We believe anyone can be successful in reaching their goals with personal support and a healthy meal plan

The team

With a worldwide focus and team, our founders are based in coastal Australia. We donate a portion of our proceeds to charities who work on preserving native Australian marsupials.

Kati Kela CEO

Creating Peakcodex combines her passion for healthy eating and helping people stay on track. Her goal is to create guides and systems so anyone can be successful in their meal planning and understanding their nutritional intake.

Simon Clough CEO

A keen biohacker who is endlessly fascinated by what makes the optimal diet and lifestyle.