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PeakCodex | Custom Nutritious Keto Meal Plans

Meal prep nutritious keto meals with the right amount of calories

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We combine the power of 1:1 personal support and delicious custom keto meal plans

Coaching & accountability

We are here to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be

Unlimited email support to discuss your progress, priorities and establish a strong direction to reach your goals.

With our coaching you'll have more motivation to stay on track and create long term habits.

Keto approved foods
Eat clean

Our focus is on helping you take control of the kitchen
so you can enjoy the magic of cooking delicious and healthy meals

 Fresh vegetables in a bowl

Healthy whole meals

Loaded with vitamins and minerals to make you feel nourished all week long. Eat meals with real, easy to find ingredients.

 Low carb vegetables in a grocery bag

Delicious recipes

We've handpicked and tested each recipe to ensure you get tasy and balanced meals that are simple to make.

 Woman chopping vegetables

Cooking simplified

We focus on make-ahead meals which gives you more free time during your busy weeknights. Follow our step-by-step grocery list and meal plan instructions.

Eat healthy

All meal plans are personalized to your body's unique needs by simply selecting your calorie and diet preferences.

Peakcodex app which shows RDA nutrition and macros for the keto diet

Nutrient dense

We've calculated all of the vitamins and minerals in our meal plans so you'll have a clear understanding of what nutrition your body is getting. By maximizing nutrition from real foods you can eliminate unnecessary supplements.

We want to empower you to feel amazing, confident and motivated

This is why we focus on personal support and achievable, stress free meal plans

Unlimited email support

Ready-to-go meal plans with custom calories & nutritional insight

Shopping list & step-by-step meal prep instructions

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Commonly Asked Questions

No. At this moment all of our meal plans contain meat. However if you are interested in low carb vegetarian meal plans send us a message through the contact form.

Currently we offer meal plans that have:
No chicken
No beef
No seafood
No pork
You'll be able to eliminate one of these main ingredients from your meal plan.
At this moment all of our meal plans contain dairy and eggs, however, we are working hard to add those to our list of items you can eliminate.

If there is something in our meal plans that you don't eat simply contact us and we'll do our best to create a custom plan for you.

All of our meal plans will get you and keep you in ketosis.
The net carbs in our meal plans average out to 25g and as a rule all are under 30g net carbs/day.

We offer a 4 day meal plan and 8 day meal plans.
If you are a beginner cook, or simply want a very easy meal prep for the week, we provide a 4 day meal plan. During the meal prep you will make one breakfast dish, one lunch dish and one dinner dish. You are cooking enough to last you four days in total and it won't take more than an hour of active cooking time.

Once you've done a few of the easy meal plans you can do a bigger meal prep by choosing our ultimate 8 day meal plan. You're now prepairing 1 breakfast dish, 2 different lunch dishes and 2 different dinner dishes. We've optimised the meal prep so you'll be using same ingredients in different ways. The best part is that cooking all these dishes won't take you all day.

We've designed our meal plans so anyone can accomplish them.
All ingredients are common and easy to find in an average store. Our recipes make sense, taste good and are easy to follow.
If you have any questions regarding a meal prep give us a message before starting and we'll make sure you are confident in proceeding.

Our team is always happy to help with questions to keep you on track or to give you resources. You will get as much personal support as you need through email. This will help you create new perspectives and to share your journey with someone who cares.

We do not offer medical advice or opinions.

You will need to contact us to request a refund within 30 days of the start of your membership.

Canceling your subscription within this period will not automatically issue a refund.

Yes absolutely. We're sure that you will enjoy having a great meal plan, however, if at any time for any reason you wish to cancel, you simply go to your account settings, and click a button to cancel.

We love hearing your advice on how to improve, so head to our contact form to give suggestions.